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The Kangaroo Girl

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Starting with a photo that spent four decades in her father’s wallet (“Photo of Author In Kangaroo Pajamas”), Judith Baumel shows us new ways of understanding family and history. In this quintessentially modern book, her third, The Kangaroo Girl detects religion at the scene of many crimes: from the great disasters of the past –Edward I’s edict of expulsion in 1290, the War Between the States, the catastrophes of twentieth century Europe–to the small calamities of Jewish American life in the ethnic neighborhoods of New York City.

The Kangaroo Girl is also a personal book, a meditation on being a daughter and a mother, and, in a series of moving elegies, what it means to survive loss. Judith Baumel’s love affairs with the visual—great buildings, great paintings, great art–and with the mysteries of language in great books and great conversations combine in this testament to human inventiveness and resilience.